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I was that little kid that was weird. I was killed and brought back by CPR my father gave me and then the EMT’s gave me is the story I was told many times. I don’t remember anything. Woke up with only my right eye opening and my face felt like it was pulled back from my skull in 4 directions. My mother’s face as she fed me ice. The doctors/nurses running around. I was awake. A guy started to visit me in my dreams after that. If I thing of what he looked like, it would be a cross of Mr Miyagi from karate kid and Ghandi. But he didn’t look like either one. In the third grade there was a foreign exchange student from England, Ricky Schroder-no relation to the actor lol. He had an entire kit he would bring to school every day. It had any office supply you needed. I would steal his staples and make earrings out of them in class. I do not remember the teacher ever saying anything but I do remember going to the office for something unrelated and the office lady saying in her country way “whot is that there in your ear?” I lived in the country. Panhandle of Florida. I would learn later in life it was “45 minutes from Mooobile Alabama!” My parents decided to put all of the families books in my room. My father insisted his model airplanes be hung in my room. Both turned out to make me weird lol. The books had pictures of suspensions, lip plates, ‘bungee’ jumping with vines, and neck stretching. Along with detailed information on the acts. Thanks also go out to the 80s shows like That’s Incredible and Real People. Lots of visuals for a kid that already had this guy that would be in his dreams. Fast forward many years. I was tattooed in high school 4 times. I pierced my nostril. It was before the craze hit in the early 90s. I was sent to the counselors and principles office 4 times by teachers. I had the French teacher ‘very concerned’. Then the popular girl in the food line at school the next year pierced her nostril. I remember the lunch lady asking why. ‘I wanted to start a trend’ was the response. The same people that made fun of me, now wanted to know where to get tattooed. I used my paper ID to get 4 different kids tattooed the same night at Shaw’s in Houston. Saw a ton of kids get really bad tattoos. I do not regret at all what I got tattooed on myself. Fast forward many more years. I’m 18 and work at Taco Bell during the day and Jack in the box at night. Laura is so proud when she comes in with her navel pierced. I share my history of self piercings. She tells me he was in Houston and it was at his house. I called when I got off work. His girlfriend answered the phone and told me his name and he had just started working at Scorpions. I made an appointment to get my lip pierced .It was a good time. He was great at what he was doing. I made it to the shop often. When Taurian took over it was awesome. That was when my collection of what I read about as a kid started. I was seeing in printed form all of the things from my childhood. When I was in my early 20’s I still remember being soooo nervous, but I asked Byriah about suspending. He-not missing a beat- told me of a guy he was trying to hire away from another shop in California that was wanting to start a performing arts group about suspending. It was like I found “God” in a way. I was no longer “that weird guy with the magazines”. I was part of a group that was just like me! It changed my world. I was finally able to achieve all of the goals my Dream Guide assigned me! It was beautiful! Fast forward many years more. I had not been performing for a few years after conflicts about the art. I had a girlfriend that dabbled in Voodoo. She was witness to a few suspensions me and a few friends performed. When we split up, I had a dream about her and my Spirit Guide. My Guide walked away. I was confused to say the least. Later, I was introduced to a guy. I knew the guy for 5 minutes. I had been told he was a voodoo guy of stature of some sort so I kinda knew what to expect. I thought so. He proceeded to tell me that my guide has left me for a reason. I did not need him anymore. I WAS THE GUIDE. It blew me away. I started suspending others soon after. I have not looked back since….

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