The first time needs to produce the most of an experience you can get. The body experiences soooo many new things. 2-4 hook vertical. Little movement in the beginning, ending with lots of movement if the area allows. But the time you spend relaxed and free of movement.... you spend elsewhere in your mind! Outdoor, in a quiet park with a small waterfall for background noise.


less traumatic to the body than a suspension by far. An excellent foray in that part of life if you are curious. Enter flaming cheek spears and lots of candles and one can find that zone....I speak from experience, Rob.

Cooking for spiritual modification

I'm a Chef. Been a Chef for over 20 years. I love food and how it can make a person experience soooo many things, in a just bite! Vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, or special medical need. I can teach you how to cook for yourself.....FOR YOURSELF! A car cant run on bad gas right? the human body is the same.



You can be any religion there is in the world and still worship your body. I have suspended devout Christians, Buddhists, and a Hare Krishna's. They were all equally beautiful in their own ways. I look forward to a meeting of spiritual guides so to speak.

Growth can be painful

As you relax and get use to it. The body doesn't feel the pain anymore. The mind is free to wonder within its own universe. All in just a few minutes. Imagine you have a sock with an orange in it. Now hang that sock on a clothes line. The orange quickly stretches the sock to its fullest. Then nothing happens..... The sock is the skin and the orange is your body. The hooks are your clothes pins.


Representation for your rights.

EEOC cases filed and won in 4 different states. The United States Constitution guarantees that you have the right to modify your body and it be visible. I'm not saying the jewelry has to be flashy. Concession works on both sides. It is the right of every American to freedom of religion. Our fore fathers made it so!